I’ve always loved VW’s for as long as I can remember. In 1995 when I was 17 I purchased my 73 Super Beetle from a neighbor which coincidentally was also my first car. It had been sitting for at least 10 years and needed a lot of work. I learned as I went but what really helped was having the opportunity to work part time at a small local VW shop in town. I started hanging out after school as a senior asking questions so often that the owner offered me a job. From there I was completely hooked on the aircooled world and everything in it. I had no idea that part time job would become fuel for a passion for repairing cars for a living and ultimately lead to me opening my own shop.
Throughout my late teens and into my early 20’s every spare dollar and minute went into my Super. Transforming into the vision in my head of what she could be the moment I first purchased her. She went through several different changes and served as both my daily driver and play toy, even spending a few seasons at the local drag strip running the Sportsman Class. I have a lot of fantastic memories of car shows, cruise-in’s and road trips. There’s something magical about owning and driving an aircooled VW. Like everything else life got in the way and she was parked for 13 years until digging her back out of mothballs 8 months ago and going back through her in my limited spare time. My goal is to have her ready for more adventures in the spring. It’s been a 26 year relationship that I’m definitely looking forward to continuing. 

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