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As a child constantly questioning everything annoying my  parents to the point of anger. Instead of a spanking my father decided to punish me by working on one of his many project cars. Unbeknownst to him I rather enjoyed assisting and at times doing a lions share of the work I would intentionally get into trouble to be banished to the yard to work on his many many vehicles in various stages of restoration or repair. Around 15 years of age I got a opportunity of a lifetime a 1968 vw beetle convertible project 55 percent completed and a former project that sat in own very on backyard for year’s almost in a state of disrepair. Soon I saved up every penny I could to get to speed up the process to no avail in my teenage mind those 6 months felt like years and purchased one of my friends running and driving 66 VW Beetle months later a 58 with a transaxle that wouldn’t go into first. So pretty much I became a addict of the aircooled machines. Around 17 tragedy struck my family whilst replacing a transmission without giving too many details my passion lost priority in my life. I got rid of my Volkswagens and continued with life still a gear head at heart but opting for reliability I took almost 2 decades long hiatus until realizing I rather missed those grease monkey years in 2018 I purchased my Herbie and began this journey but this time actually being able to afford to build a proper beetle in those former years…. inflation . With that the journey continues!!

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