Well I guess to start of, with what drew my heart to Volkswagens is probably pretty common in the vw community and that was growing up watching herbie! (Over and over again) I grew up in a big chevy loving family looking up to my father and uncle(whose 57 chevy I now own) and always wanting to help work on cars and go for a drive. Fast forward I was 16 or 17 and after buying/ selling or trading my 5th car was finally going to be a 1968 Vw bug:) it had a 1641 with a huge cam, dual 40 idf’s, and would pull 8k rpm! I’m now 33 and  I’ve owned 9 bugs from 1955 up to 1973 and I currently own my 66(herbie) a 55, 70 chop top volksrod, my son’s 65, and my wife has her beautiful 62 aka Jolly Bug. I’m still a big chevy guy as well with 5 of those ranging from 57-2011 but there’s nothing like a good ole vw! I grew up pretty poor so I had to learn how to teach myself a lot of what I do now but of course got a good head start and passion thanks to my dad and uncle.

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