This is my 1970 Beetle, Ringo. I bought Ringo in 1988 for $900. It was an original standard Beetle when I bought it. After being clipped in the rear driver’s fender and decided afterwards to convert it to a “street baja.” I spent many hours with my dad working on Ringo in the driveway. One hot summer day, I seized the engine (bad OSU) on the way to Galveston beach with my girlfriend, Melissa, and instead of enjoying the salty beach air, we got to enjoy the sweet aromas of the tow truck driver for a full hour drive back to my house.
I had Ringo for about a year after the baja conversion. Then, after a second car accident (this one my fault), I sold it to my girlfriend’s father. About 20 years later, I got it back from my now wife’s father who had been storing it in his garage almost that entire time. He started converting back to original, I have started stripping it down to make it a “street baja” once again.
Truth be told, I was not excited to get Ringo back at first. But after spending some time with him, I love this stupid car and would not sell him for anything. Ringo will be running again this year, and he will be street legal in 2022.

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