I had asked Lynette in my comments section on my youtube video, to please send in her photos, and she responded! 🙂

 Because of your videos and others, I was able to fix my 67 beetle myself!! I look like a ‘grease monkey’ but felt super accomplished. I change out the spark plugs, and spark plug wires. Took out the gas tank and emptied out the old gas. Change the fuel pump, distributor, points,etc. I am contemplating whether to have it rewired but can’t find anyone local that is fairly reasonable here in good old Ca. I just completed sanding all the rust out of it. Now will paint the inside. Thinking of leaving the outside as is, as a gentleman told me if I paint over the original color or remove it, it will lose value. Not sure how true that is as I have not researched it. I finished sanding and restaining the rack on top. Now I am working on finding seats for it, and of course have to carry the memory of my Shepard that would go on most weekend car rides with me. 🙂  Thank you for your videos! they are really appreciated! by the way, my bug is named Harold. the guy I picked it up from asked if I would keep his name. 

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