I learned to drive stick in a 1975 super beetle at age 14. That was the first time I learned about what was a Volkswagen and learned about the history behind them. That was when I grew an interest in these little cars. I was drawn by all the simplicity of these vehicles but yet how efficient they were. Going through engineering school I did not have lot of money and at the time these car were the least expensive car I could afford… lol… but I felt for that surfers look and that was when I started to grow my interest and passion for restoring them. My very first bug purchased with my own money was a 1967 beetle, and after many other to include the same 75 I learned to drive stick that was sold to me from my Cusin wife. In 2012 I fully restored hope my 1972 Sup beetle convertible Karmann ; which has been in my original logo since I started my channel. In 2015 I completed my 1971 Sunny the Super and currently working with another 71 super named Frankenstein… lol…and my most recent and very first Type 2 bay window Casper the Rusty bus. The thing I love the most about this hobby is the opportunity to meet people with the same passion I share. Good people with great knowledge willing to share the same way I am willing to share my restoration projects . In this hobby I get the opportunity to apply my engineering background, fabrication and welding skills . But the best of all is being able to say that thanks to the channel and this vw hobby ; I have had the privilege to grow distance friendship with many other vw people in the Volkswagen community.

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