Franks, 1963 Type 1 Sedan named “Mint ’63”. I’ve owned this Bug since 1996, but my father and I spent the last 4 years completely disassembling and rebuilding every nut & bolt on the car. We did all the work ourselves (metal & body work, mechanical, electrical, etc., including the upholstery), minus the exterior paint job. Some facts & figures:

• All German sheet metal (original to the car) – 1600 SP / Solex 30-PICT 1 / 205B SVSA distributor  – 5″ Narrowed & adjustable beam / 2″ lowered spindles – Stock smooth wheels (original wheels to the car) – BeKoWa roof rack / NOS “fresh air regulator” / original Sapphire 1 radio (converted to 12V) ….Thanks for all of your YouTube videos…I frequently referred to them throughout the restoration process of this car.

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