Hi all, My name is Filip Dael and this Channel is about making this car back to his Original state and to get it back on the road again. Phoenix spend more then 30 years inside a garage and was never on the road again since 1986. Phoenix was my grandfathers car and bought it new in 1955. We still have all the Original papers and even the first tax plate from the very beginning. My grandfather didn’t even know that he had a reverse on the car. The shop teached him to drive with the car but didn’t told him about the reverse gear. So this beauty deserve it to have a full mechanical restoration and some cosmetic love. Follow me on this restoration step by step and learn some tricks and tips along the way. And in the meantime i’m showing how to do things the easy and sometimes cheapest way, but with a very good outcome. I work with simple tools and doing the most work on my own. I hope some day that i can get a smile on my fathers face to see him drive that car for the first time in his life. Greetings Filip Dael.

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