This 1973 Sport Bug is the 1st VW I own. I bought it on December 2019 from Mississippi and sent it by ship to Puerto Rico where I reside. It was in very good condition, no rust, even original floorpans, however, I’ve been focusing on bringing it back to factory correct as possible. For example, in the engine, it had a progressive carb and an 009 distributor, but I change them to a 34Pict 3 carb from Volkzbitz and the correct 113905205AN distributor from vwnos. On the interior, I added the correct optional clock for the 73 super, an cigarette lighter and a sapphire XVIII AM radio with the speaker in the dash. In term of safety, I went over the whole brake system, resulting in new master cylinder, brake hoses and wheel cylinders. On the rear wheels, new drums and shoes, new bearings. On the front wheels, repacked the bearings and adjusted the shoes, they were in good condition. Finally changed the tires, since the one it had when I bought them were from 2004 and dry rotted, although had almost the full thread on them. With this done, now I can drive and enjoy the bug with my family. My father had a 1971 super beetle, have seen photos when I was 2 yrs old seated on the driver seat of that bug, then I remember my mother taking me to school on it as a kid I always liked that car. That bug is long gone, and I always wanted to have one, and now had the opportunity to finally owning one.

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