Night owl
So this build started out as a blue 1968 Baja bug. It was originally only going to be a 6 month build and I am now going on 3 years. After starting the work to it I keep coming up with more custom ideas.
This car has been static lowered 2 1/2” in the front and then I put air bags on as shocks. I am running a 3/4 sway bar in the front and rear. I have a fully custom gas tank assembly replacing the stock gas tank. In the rear I static lowered it 2 1/2” with a set of Atom-works drop spring plates. Then I fit a set of adjustable coil over shocks.
As far as the engine goes I rebuilt the top end and upgraded it to a 1641cc. I have a set of AA heads on it with a set of EMPI 1.25 high ratio rockets and chromoly push rods. I also am running a 32/36 progressive carb re-jetted for my altitude. I build a custom exhaust that bolts onto the EMPI headers that came with the car.
The car had a full custom interior with a custom dash, upgraded seats and I removed the back seat and put in a storage area with a spare tire. The back window is a custom oval window that I made. The paint job is a custom garage paint job done with all spray cans.

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