For as long as I can remember I have had a love for VWs. My parents had them when I was very young, and they played a huge part in some of my best childhood memories. Watching the Herbie movies also cemented that love. My parents sold their VWs when I was about 12 and  by then I had developed a love for all kinds of classic cars (the 70’s and 80’s were prime time for car chase movies and TV shows) . In fact, I wanted a muscle car to be my first car. Trouble is, even in the 1980’s, a teenager working a fast food job couldn’t afford much of a car. After several failed attempts to  purchase a “muscle car,”  the last being a  73 Mustang with a bad radiator, I  headed down the street and found a 74 Super Beetle for sale well within my budget. It sparked my earlier love of VWs. And after I was invited and attended my first VW show, I was forever hooked!  I even ended up working for VW for several years. It’s been a life-long passion ever since.  I would buy, fix, and sell VWs over and over. It was an addiction of sorts. I never kept a VW longer than six months when I was  in my 20’s.  To this date, I have owned over 80 VWs . I call myself a VW Lifer. I have never been without  at least one VW in my garage since high school and I do not foresee ever being without one.   And only up until recently have I not had a VW as my  daily driver.   I’ve organized and worked many VW events and shows over the years, most notably, the Bug Jam VW show in Florida. My club , Bay Area V-Dubs, started the show in 1989, It is now one of the largest VW shows in the USA. In 1994 I purchased my 63 Beetle and turned it into a Herbie replica. I’ve had so many adventures with Herbie, including starting the first Herbie website  in 1997 and working for Disney.   This VW passion also motivated me to  create and maintain several social media pages related to the VW hobby. And  just under three years ago, I created my YouTube channel known as Dub World VW Adventures. It started as a channel to review VW parts and accessories, but now it has grown into other things such as DIY projects and coverage of Florida VW Shows and events.  My goal is to entertain, educate, and connect people in the VW hobby.

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